Statement on “Black Lives Matter” Movement

The Supernova Foundation focuses on working alongside communities affected by various social determinants of health and has witnessed first-hand the injustices that communities of color repeatedly face. The killing of George Floyd in Minneapolis on May 25, 2020, has sparked national outrage and as a result, fueled a movement to address structural racism and racial profiling by law enforcement. Although our hearts are broken, we know we can do better as a collective society.

This is a crucial time where we must come together and take action and address the inequities and discrimination that members of the black community face. We must acknowledge the pain and despair others feel on a daily basis and leverage this knowledge to bring about meaningful change. We must create an equitable society for families, friends, communities, and future generations, so that we stop this recurring public health crisis from happening again. We pray that George Floyd’s death will not be in vain but serve as a catalyst and turning point in our nation.

As board and committee members of the Supernova Foundation, we encourage everyone to join us in self-reflection as we take accountability for our daily actions. We commit to use our platform to support those whose voices are often unheard. We stand in solidarity with all of our allies who are demanding change. We agree and proclaim alongside countless others that, BLACK LIVES MATTER!

Statement on “Black Lives Matter” MovementIn community spirit,